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Vanilla and pear pudding

Vanilla and pear pudding

fusilli with mackerel and brandy sauce

Smells like Spring here! Longer days, shining sun, fresh air... after such a cold month of February, it's such a pleasure to stay outside again and enjoy the sun! Which means, slightly less time for cooking. So, here is a quick and tasty recipe, which needs just a simple preparation. Enjoy!

For 4

Parmesan cream risotto

Parmesan cream risotto
Hi everybody! I found this recipe on February's issue of Cucina Moderna, and tried it immediately. It actually was a recipe for Valentine's day, but I extended the preparation to the whole family, who appreciated. Here it is!
For 4
80g grated Parmesan cheese

Fritole or Venetian Carnival fritters

Carnival has started and, together with it, fritole! I've always wanted to make them, but didn't find a good recipe. This year, I consulted both my new cooking bible "history of Venetian cooking", where you can find the original, XVIII century dated, recipe, as well as other website and at the end I put them toghether with this result

Risi e bisi

I received from Santa a very nice book: History and Origin of Venetian cooking by Giampiero Rorato; very interesting as it explains all of the influences during history which brought to nowadays dishes. So, I can now try and share with you plenty of traditional recipes!

Grouper fillets with orange and basil

After all the Christmas meat and salami, it's really time for some fish! This recipe is really refreshing, delicate and good for kids and parents...

For 4
4 grouper fillets
juice of 1 orange and 1/2 lemon
basil leaves (about 12)
olive oil

cappelletti day!


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