Discovering Venice

Some tips and information to live Venice as insiders

Discovering Venice

Another special event will animate the autumn season in Venice: the 2nd of December, 2023 is the 100th anniversary of Maria Callas' birdthdate and the Fenice Theatre will celebrate it with a special concert, honouring her debut in Venice in 1947.

The Fenice orchestra will perform the prelude from the first act of Tristan and Isolde and soprano Maria Teresa Leva will sing Dolce e Calmo, which was exactly Maria Callas' debut piece.

Autumn arrived in Venice, the weather is now chilly, days are shorter... the perfect time of the year to spend your day around exhibitions. We picked up a few which we think may perfectly complete your stay in Venice!

A topic many of you may already have heard about is the introduction of a future entry fee for visitors willing to access Venice. Rumors have been spreading for quite a long time and several guests contacted us to ask for more information.

It's now official and Venice municipality approved this local tax on the 12th September 2023, to be introduced from Spring 2024.

Started during the summer 2020, when the first lockdown measures were starting to ease, Barch-in is a commendable initiative which brought the cinema on the water. Basically a drive-in on boats, it's a unique and fantastic way to go to the movies, and it only happens in Venice!

Summer has arrived in Venice and one of the best ways to enjoy it is to spend a lovely night at a concert, with the beautiful scenario of the Venetian skyline or a majestic theatre like La Fenice. 

Living in Venice is always challenging, also in everyday life! It is very important that each of us makes their contribution to protect the environment of the city of Venice, so fragile and threatened on several fronts. Separate waste collection is surely a fundamental task, but it's true that it's not as simple to do as it may be anywhere else in the world.

Reassure yourself, garbage collection is puzzling also for residents, but you will find here a few tips which may help you understand how to make it correctly.

The 25th of April is always a very special day in Venice! Not only it's Liberation Day in Italy, a national holiday, but also Saint-Mark's day, the patron saint of Venice.

For this occasion, tradition has it that every boy should offer a red rose-bud to their sweetheart. and this feast is called Bocolo day (the Bocolo is the bud in Venetian).

We at Luxrest Venice are always happy to search for the most interesting events in Venice all year round: as we always say, there's always a good reason to come to Venice and an interesting exhibition or a concert is even a better reason!

Here is a selection of the main events in Venice in 2023: pick up your favourite one and start planning your stay with us at Luxrest Venice!

On now:

Christmas holidays have just passed, some say that mid-January is the "blue period" because of that sort of melancholy coming after the festive time, during the cold winter days... the best way to get over it is to think of the next holidays and start planning your stay!

You won't have to wait too long, as Venice Carnival is on its way and it will start on Saturday, the 4th of February, with a beautiful parade by night on the Grand Canal, to officially open the celebration!

Christmas is coming to Venice! Feel the festy vibe and enjoy this joyful holiday among the canals! Saint-Mark's square has a particular and unique charm with its festively lit arches and the Christmas tree, and you can feel the holiday atmosphere all around!

You can ice-skate at campo San Polo, enjoy the Christmas markets at campo San Maurizio and the advent concerts at San Trovaso church.