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Some tips and information to live Venice as insiders

Traditional venetian recipes: the PINZA veneziana

Traditional venetian recipes: pinza

Among the traditional venetian recipes for Christmas, the Venetian PINZA is one of the oldest and best known. The PINZA is a rustic dessert that was prepared in the houses of fishermen or ordinary people: since it was made to celebrate the holidays, this was, however, richer than the usual desserts and was often made special by the fantasy of the hostess ...

The narrowest calle in Venice

calli di venezia

The narrowest calle in Venice is Calletta Varisco and it is only 53 cm wide. However, the city has many calle like this one… follow us to discover the many little jewels which are part of a Venice that is not very well-known but amazingly charming!

New year’s eve holidays in Venice: little secrets

Holiday in Venice

From the beginning of December to the first days of January, Venice is as beautiful as ever. Little lights everywhere, exhibitions and concerts… but also the cosy Christmas markets, the ice skating rink in San Polo, the choirs of children or adults standing in the campi and campielli to sing for the people passing by…

The enthralling story of the Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bidge, Venice

The story of the Rialto Bridge begins in the XII century when the 121 little islands of Venice were not connected by bridges yet. At first, it was only made by wood boards put on several boats: as time passed, however, it was differently designed and realized with different kinds of materials… do you want to know how it became one of the most famous bridges in the world? So keep on reading…

Venice insights: Rialto fish market

Rialto Fish Market

The Rialto fish market is one of the most exciting and original places in Venice. In there, together with the amazing variety of typical venetian fish, you can experience a very magic and genuine venetian atmosphere, especially if you go there in the early morning…

How to recognise a synagogue into the Venetian Ghetto

Venezia Ghetto

Starting from the XVI century, when the Jewish people were confined by the Serenissima into the venetian Ghetto, many interesting things happened to the architecture and the organization of the area

The renewed Glass Museum of Murano

Murano Glass Museum

The Glass Museum of Murano has been renewed and now it is really worth a visit. From the story of this amazing material up to the best examples of chraftsmanships, the museum offers an unforgettable experience. You can book your visit even online!

Here find some tips to enjoy your stay in Venice!

How to live Venice

Would you like some insider tips to experience Venice without worries? The city, as a matter of fact, is very friendly. However, there are some things to know in order not to get into ‘not very welcoming’ situations. How to live Venice? Here you are!

Venice: where the ‘perfume’ was invented…

venezia perfumes

Not a lot of people know that the perfume, as we know it today, was invented in Venice. Our story begins at the beginning of the XII century when the only way of getting a special fragrance for the body was to use an oily balm (the unguentum) which, however, was not very effective

Venice carnival events: historical play

Venice carnival events
During the Venice carnival, one of the most hilarious events is the one dedicated to an historical fact that happened in Venice in 1162. One bull, twelve breads and twelve pigs… read more and let yourself be amused by the creativity and the unique soul of the venetian people!
It was 1162, when the Doge Michiel II won the rebellion of the Patriarca Ulderico di Aquileia followed by twelve rebels lords.


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