Venetian food and one of its best ingredients: the fagiolini Meraviglia di Venezia

The Venetian food is full of delicious recipes. However, it is important to underline that their special taste is due not only to the skilfulness of the cook but also to the amazing raw materials that can be found only in the Venetian area. Today we present you the Fagiolini Meraviglia di Venezia, the flat green beans which are a golden mark of the Venetian cuisine and something really worth knowing!

The flat green beans Meraviglia di Venezia are characterised by a flat shape and yellow colour. They are pretty long (16 or 18 cm) and very thin, which gives them a special tenderness. In addition, they do not have the so called filo which can be annoying especially if the string beans are eaten raw. But what about the taste? ‘Amazing’ the most people will say since it is very delicate, aromatic and slightly savory. This is due to the ground where this particular Venetian food is grown that has a high quantity of salt and different sediment - elements taken from the mountains to the lagoon by the rivers.

The area in which the flat green beans Meraviglia are cultivated is the Venetian lagoon but especially the island of Vignole, Sant’Erasmo and the rural area of Cavallino. This area, which is mainly devoted to agricultural productions for the Venetian markets, is really worth a visit also to stop in the beautiful small city that gives the name to the place (Cavallino) where it is still possible to feel the flair of a truly Venetian location.

Among the best recipes of the Venetian food, we can find the string beans cooked with anchovies, tomatoes and even in combination with the famous sottolio. Best is also in the fish soups and in the so-called minestrone, a sort of very dense soup made with pasta and legumes. However, it must be said that these flat green beans are very good even if eaten raw, seasoned with of olive oil, salt and a drop of balsamic vinegar.

The flat green beans Meraviglia of Venice can be found in the local markets of Venice from early spring to late summer.


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