Discovering Venice

Some tips and information to live Venice as insiders

Discovering Venice

We at Luxrest Venice always check the latest news about travelling to Venice, practical information which may be useful for anybody staying in Venice and so on, we wish to be able to provide to our guests and visitors the most complete assistance for their stay and reservation.

Our aim at Luxrest Venice is to assist you to book your ideal rental apartment in Venice through our dedicated service: our goal is that your stay in Venice runs in the best possible way.

It's now Carnival time in Venice and even if this year the usual events are not taking place, the good news are that nearly all of the museums in Venice are opening to the public, but each one with different opening time, fees and booking methods. We at Luxrest Venice browsed all of the main museums' sites and we're listing here for you the relevant information, to help you plan your stay in Venice and visit:

We at Luxrest Venice are always keeping an eye on what's new in Venice, and we're very happy to announce that during February 2021 museums in Venice are progressively opening back to the public, displaying special exhibitions and offering, in some cases, free entry!

New Year, new venues! The past year brought new ways to work, so we changed and adapted our locations to enhance smart working. From next Monday, we will be more than pleased to receive you, by appointment, in our new office at Castello 6034, 2nd floor, always as close to Rialto bridge as before, just behind Malibran Theatre. We're still managing the phone lines, so for the moment you can reach us on +39 377 70 86 073. We're very happy to work here! By the way, during the warmer season we can also receive you, always by appointment, in our second venue at Castello 6604, in a lovely garden!

Christmas is coming and uncertainty reigns supreme: where will we be allowed to go? Who can we celebrate with? But one of the questions which still has no answer is: when can we travel again?

We all surely already plan where we would like to go when our freedom of movement will be safely restablished, and I'm sure that many of you already think of coming back to Venice! 

It's a real pleasure to welcome a guest post: Alice Mulhearn, who lived in Venice for 6 months, is sharing her hints with us and we totally agree on her point: Venice is not just for tourists. When travelling back and forth is not easy, planning a long term stay in Venice could be and be an option to consider - be sure that here at Luxrest Venice we will be more than happy to assist you finding an accommodation and providing local advice!

For those who wish or need to travel these days, rules and ordinances changes day by day, that's why here at Luxrest Venice we always keep an eye on the official news and warnings. Don't hesitate to contact us if you plan a trip to Venice and you're not sure about the obligations to be respected!

These are the rules for travellers from abroad according to the healthcare office of the Veneto region, last updated on the 13th October 2020:

For those arriving to Italy from:

Enjoy the sight of the Regata Storica, the Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge

June is bringing plenty of changes in terms of how we can live our city and how we can travel, we at Luxrest Venice are constantly following the latest official news and we're more than happy to share any update we have with you.

There are general rules issued by the Italian government, applying to the whole national territory, whereas each region has the right to impose stricter regulations, according to the local medical reports. Here is what citizens and visitors can and can't do in Venice from June onwards.