Luxury Venice apartments with terrace

Exclusiveness and elegance

Luxury Venice apartments with a terrace... this is something quite rare in Venice but it gives the real feeling of exclusiveness. As a matter of fact, if your flat has a terrace you can relax in the fresh air and fulfil your eyes with the most exciting skyline. In addition, you can have a special place to read your book or to have your breakfast in the morning.

The Luxrest Venice luxury apartments in Venice are very special and they all have something unique: in addition to decorated ceilings and beautiful terrazzo floors, they can have the piano in the living room or a fully equipped kitchen. They can be very classical in style, with Murano candeliers and trifore at the windows, or very modern and minimalists with all the comfort you may need.

As far as locations are concerned, the flats offered by Luxrest Venice are in the most beautiful sestieri of Venice and they all face nice campi, campielli, canals or very nice corners. They are all fully equipped and they can be a perfect location even if you have to work or if you want to spend some time by yourself. The apartment can have also an altana or be located in a cozy penthouse.

See all the luxury Venice apartments with terrace offered by Luxrest Venice: your holiday is going to be unforgettable...!


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