Luxury Venice

Something very special

A luxury vacation house in Venice, in a quiet quay in Cannaregio district: come and have a look to the Santa Fosca apartment offered by Luxrest Venice: this is a very elegant flat which is ideal for a unique lodging experience in Venice.

The flat has a wide dining room with a piano and a lovely balcony over Santa Fosca church and its canal. Luxury can be found even in the kitchen which is equipped with a wine cellar thus making the guest keeping their wines at the ideal temperature. The living room has large sofas and a wide screen tv in order to make enjoyable even the evening inside.

This luxury vacation house is located in Cannaregio, a very nice Venice district, and it is close to the churches of Sant’Alvise, Gesuiti and the Ca d’Oro museum. The Rialto Bridge is also a few minutes away. This flat sleeps up to six people: however, it is the perfect nest also for honeymooners or for couples who wants to live a very special experience in one of the most beautiful Italian cities.

If you want to try what luxury is about as far as a vacation house in Venice is concerned, book your flat on-line or contact the real estate agency Luxrest Venice today!


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