Cinemas and Film Festivals during the pandemic

Since the lockdown that affected many countries in March 2020, the world has been forced to find a new way to spend its time. Some have found comfort in sport, cooking, but for others it has been the cinema.

But it is now a year since cinemas have been closed around the world. There are exceptions for some countries or periods of the year when they have reopened, but the wait is long. For cinema lovers, the Coronavirus pandemic is a real nightmare. The closure of cinemas takes a lot of the pleasure out of watching a film.

While the number of subscribers on the various streaming platforms is increasing, the whole world is getting tired of watching their movie on a small screen. The release of many films are also delayed by months and the public is getting impatient. Some countries have already proposed a progressive reopening of cinemas with many safety measures, such as wearing masks or separating several seats between people. Italy is scheduling to reopen cinemas with safety limitations from the 26th April 2021, check more details here.

However, different movie festivals still took place with barrier measures during the pandemic, such as the 77th Venice Film Festival in September 2020 or the 46th César ceremony in France, which took place in March 2021, in order to let the magic of cinema work during the coronavirus crisis. Many people find this unfair as cinemas remained closed at the same time as these events. But still, it was an attempt to tell the world that the cinema industry is alive and kicking, despite the difficulties.

While waiting for the cinemas to reopen, film festivals will continue to be scheduled this year: the Venice Film Festival has already been announced for the week of 1-11 September 2021 and an interesting independent event like ONA Short Film Festival, showing short movies about outdoor sports, will also take place in Venice in September 2021

Get in touch to learn more and plan your stay in Venice accordingly!

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