Reopening plan in Italy and Venice from the 26th April 2021

An outdoor season awaits us in Venice!

We're now ready to announce the good news we were all waiting for: the reopening plan in Italy and Venice!

The Italian government announced yesterday how the reopenings are going to work, and we at Luxrest Venice are ready to summarize the main points for you:

Yellow zones are going to come back. Starting from the 26th of April 2021, regions who registered less than 50 cases per 100 000 inhabitants for 3 weeks will be eligible to be yellow areas again. In yellow areas travel is permitted throughout the region and between yellow regions, all shops are open, museums will be open (churches are always open). Venice and the Veneto region currently meet the criteria to be a yellow zone. Schools will be open.

Bars and restaurants in yellow areas will be allowed to receive customers at outdoor tables.

Cinemas and theatres will be allowed to open for outdoor shows; indoor activities will have a limited access.

From the 15th of May 2021, outdoor swimming pools and, most likely, seaside resorts will be able to open; from the 1st of June gyms will open again and from the 1st of July also fairs and market exhibition will be allowed to take place again.

Concerning travel within Italy, the government announced that a covid-pass (attesting a vaccination or a negative test) will allow travellers to move freely within regions, even if, at the present date, there are no detailed information about how to obtain this pass yet. But we'll keep you posted!

Now is the time to think and plan your next stay in Venice: get in touch and browse our choice of apartments in Venice for a beautiful outdoor season to come!

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