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The narrowest calle in Venice

calli di venezia

The narrowest calle in Venice is Calletta Varisco and it is only 53 cm wide. However, the city has many calle like this one… follow us to discover the many little jewels which are part of a Venice that is not very well-known but amazingly charming!

As we said, the narrowest calle in Venice is Calletta Varisco which is located in Cannaregio (experience Cannaregio: here is OUR PROPOSAL), not very far from the Fondamenta Nova and Campiello del Pestrin. If we look at it now, it seems strange to have two buildings so close to each other: however, we must keep in mind that Venice has always had a great lack of space and that the most important thing has always been the possibility of reaching quickly different places on foot. It is because of this that Venice has more than 3000 calli for approximately its 15 square kilometres of extension.

After Calletta Varisco, the second very narrow calle is Calle de l’Ocio Grosso (58 cm) at Casello, Calle de la Raffineria (59 cm) at San Cassiano e Calle Stretta that, in the sestriere San Polo (get the best location HERE), goes from Campiello Albrizzi to the Sottoportico della Furatola: this one is ‘only’ 65 cm wide. Then, we can mention the 68 cm of Calle di Ca’ Zusto, near Riva di Biasio, and many other that do not reach one meter in their width.

While you will be walking through Venice, if you find one of these calli do not hesitate to walk inside and experience what the city is also about: ancient walls, little windows that have often little plants that embellish their frames, a scent of salty water that makes the shadow inside the calle very evocative not to talk about the magic silence which mitigates the sound of your steps while you are walking…

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