Apartments in San Marco, Venice Italy

The magic atmosphere of a place

Lovely apartments in San Marco, Venice (Italy): if you like San Marco area, Luxrest Venice can offer you the best accommodation that you may find.

The agency has very modern flats but also some very elegant and classical ones such as the apartment Ca’ dell’Affresco. This luxury flat is part of an historical building and its interiors have ceilings decorated with frescoes and the floor is in the famous seminato veneziano which has been a traditional technique in Venice, since centuries.

However, if you prefer a suite apartment, a studio or a mansard near San Marco, Luxrest has many options for you even as far as pricing is concerned. The possibilities are many: are you coming with your family? Thus you will have to get a big apartment to fit everybody in! Do you have also a little baby with you? Thus, it will be good for you to have a little garden or a beautiful terrace where the little baby can rest over the afternoon!!

Write a mail or ring up Luxrest Venice and express all your needs (and your accommodation dreams): the staff will be glad to find the right solution for you. See all the apartments in San Marco and in Venice (Italy) and see what it is available … choose one, book online or get in touch now!


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