Towards a digital green certificate to travel in Europe

Today, 17th March 2021, Ms Von der Leyen, Mr Reynders and Mr Breton from the European commission presented a plan to create a digital green certificate to allow citizens to travel throughout Europe. The principle is is that all those who can prove that they have been vaccinated against the covid-19, have passed a negative test or have a certificate proving proving that they have developed antibodies will be allowed to travel to any destination in Europe.

The aim is to avoid creating any discrepancies between the member countries within the UE and to allow the travel industry to restart safely, anywhere in Europe. This of course follows the need for the vaccination campaign to continue without delay.

it's actually more than necessary that Europe shows uniform, clear and homogeneous rules so that all citizens can safely get back to travel to Venice as well as to any other destination, be it for holiday, work or study reason.

It's still a good sign showing that despite the pandemic still going on, there's an official desire to indicate a direction that aims at a resumption of all activities.

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