Venice: luxury apartment rentals

A splendid opportunity

Venice: for luxury apartment rentals you should check the Luxrest Venice catalogue. Since the agency has been on the market for a very long time, they can provide a very wide choice and the apartments and houses are all very charming.

The luxury apartments offered are all in the best areas in town like Rialto Bridge or San Marco Square. If you like, however, there are also amazing luxury flats even at the Zattere, near the Biennale or in the tranquillity of Cannaregio district.

You may find flats with private garden or a big terrace, not to mention the famous altane which are like a sort of terrace but located on top of the roof of the house. The view from the altana is amazing, since you can see all Venice with the canals and the bridges. Especially at the sunset, the colours are spectacular. Big windows over calli and canals will also offer you an amazing view.

You can treat yourself within the Luxrest Venice listing with a luxury apartment with decorated ceilings or stay in a historical building with a sculpted wooden front-door. Little details which let you live the magic history of this magical and unique town for real.

Search for luxury apartment rentals in Venice, browse Luxrest Venice catalogue and book online or get in touch and get ready for your luxury treat!

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