With terrace, your flat

Looking Venice from above

A flat with terrace can make the real difference.

Especially during spring or summer, if you have a terrace you can have breakfast in the fresh air of the morning, listening to the Venetian bells towers and enjoy the beautiful view. Anytime during the day, in the apartments with terrace you can have some lovely moments of rest and all the privacy that you may need.

Obviously, you can also enjoy your dinners and have very romantic candle lights moments.

The real estate Luxrest Venice has many apartments with terrace. In addition, it offers also apartments with roof terrace: the so called altane. These are like little balconies but they are located on the top of the roof. The view from there is fantastic and the sunsets are even better. In Venice, the apartments with roof terrace are not very many, thus remember to book in advance.

Are you looking for something very special in Venice like luxury apartments with terrace? Have a look to the rental agency Luxrest Venice website and contact the real estate agency today!

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