Vacation apartments for rent in Venice, Italy

Feeling like home

Vacation apartments for rent in Venice, Italy, can be of different kinds: they can be very wide or small, with classical furniture or very modern and they can have many facilities like a private garden or an elevator.

What makes Luxrest Venice different compared to other rental agencies of Venice is that Luxrest focuses on the satisfacion of their guests. To do so, the agency is always in touch with the clients.

Our staff is always ready to help the guest in every way: do you need transport information? Do you need a doctor? Are you looking for a typical restaurant where you can eat in the real Venetian way? You have just to give a call and we will be pleased to help you.

The prices of the tourist vacation apartments in Venice by Luxrest Venice are fair and they are affordable even for families or groups of friends.

Vacation apartments for rent in Venice, Italy: get the best for your holiday, book on-line or get in touch with Luxrest Venice real estate agency today!

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