Top things to do in Venice Italy

Top ideas and things to do to get the best out of your stay in Venice, Italy

Here are a few hints to discover the magic of Venice, both for first time visitors and for loyal regulars who look for a new experience each time they come back. Even for residents, Venice is so fascinating and rich of history, mysteries and beauty that you may find new hidden corners, architectural gems or lansdcape beauties every day.

Central Venice is entirely pedestrian and it's about 6.5 km long in its longest side; this means that it takes about 1 1/2 hours on foot to cross it. One of the best way to explore Venice is therefore to walk around and "get lost" in the network of street and alleys (calli). The 3 main landmarks, placed at the opposite sides of the town, are the railway station (stazione), Rialto bridge (ponte di Rialto) and Saint-Mark's square (piazza San Marco): these are the signs that you will find along your walking tours. Even if you hang around with no particular destination, you will end up photographing every corner, building, doorbell, bridge, well... everything in Venice is just special and unique.

If it's your first time in Venice, though, you can't miss the "basics", even if it's touristy: piazza San Marco (Saint-Mark's square) is one of the most famous squares in the world, for a reason. The stunning beauty of the basilica of San Marco, the elegant arches of the Procuratie, the astonishing architecture of the Doges' Palace and the art treasures in the Correr Museum will last forever in your memories. Saint-Mark's square was the very heart of the public and official life of Venice, and you can really feel the weight and legacy of its history simply by walking around.

Once you have dived into history, you can change the mood of your visit and reach an emblematic site of the Venetian lagoon, a peculiar ecosystem hosting native species of flora and fauna: a tour to Sant'Erasmo island, reachable by public water-bus from Fondamente Nuove stop, is a unique chance to discover that Venice is not only an architecture and art treasure, but a beautiful and peaceful landscape, a destination for migratory birds such as egrets and flamingos and home to endemic plants like Salicornia veneta.

But the reason why Venice is one of the top destination in the entire world is its coexistance with water, which you can feel and breathe in the architecture but also in daily life. Why not trying to explore Venice silently along the water, while learning the basics of Venetian rowing?

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