Rent a superb apartment close to the Biennale Venues with Luxrest Venice

The Biennale is one of the most important events for the city of Venice: you may probably know that it takes place each year, from May to November, alterning contemporary art exhibitions and architecture projects from all over the world

Established already in 1895 to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of the king Umberto and the queen Margherita di Savoia, it soon became one of the most important international references for contemporary art, shaping part of the modern identity of Venice itself.

Maybe not everyone knows that the Biennale is not only the main art or architecture (depending on the year) exhibition, but it displays also very important events about contemporary ballet, drama and music, throughout the whole year. Not to forget the outstanding Mostra del Cinema, which is still part of the big Biennale "family".

When it comes to art and architecture, several countries benefit from their own pavillion, either in the beautiful Giardini venues, or in the Tese area, a beautiful and huge part of the Arsenale in Venice readjusted to host artists and visitors.

Other countries or exhibitors may rent palaces or apartments to use them as their venues for their exhibitions, which means that when the Biennale is on, you may find interesting and new projects in the whole town.

When it comes to ballet, music and theatre, most of the events take place at the Tese theatre, a wonderful space created inside the Arsenale venues. What a beautiful chance to visit such a magical place!

Luxrest Venice has been proudly working with the Biennale hospitality office for several years, establishing a long term partnership and providing accommodation for both visitors and artists. Browse our listing and find the best accommodation to visit the Biennale, or to take part of it for your work: get in touch, we will be more than happy to assist you! We can offer apartments located in Castello district, in Sant'Elena, close to the Giardini but also in other areas in Venice. You can find lodgings for all budgets and styles, for short and longer lets.

And don't forget that Luxrest Venice can also find, on demand, superb locations for venues. Contact us for further information!

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