The pleasure of reading and the importance of buying local

During the March 2020 lockdown and again in 2021, many people stuck in their homes turned to reading to fill their days and comfort their soul. Some searched their garages or bookcases to find the perfect book for them, but some took the chance to read something new. Unfortunately, bookshops were closed during the lockdown as they were not considered essential. But this is not the case.

With the closure of bookshops and some supermarket sections, people turned to internet sales. However, this has created a great disadvantage for independent shops which are very fragile in the face of competition from large online retailers. Click and collect systems have been set up in some bookshops so that book sales can continue without any contact with the customer, who only has to pick up the book at the bookshop door. Some people still prefer to buy via the internet to save time.

After the containment, many independent shops have sunk to the bottom of the sea to the benefit of online businesses. However, after more than a year facing the interruption of our social life, we all know that customer contact is essential as well as bookshops are essential to everyday life. It is always better to turn to independent shops and buy local.

Whether you want to buy your novels, thrillers, manga or comics, go and support the small independent bookshops that need you!

This is particularly true in Venice, where local retailers have been struggling to survive for years, facing the decline of resident population and the rise of commercial rental prices. Besides, Venice still hosts newborn commerces and shops that have existed for generations, like libreria La Toletta, in Dorsoduro since 1933. In this interview to Giovanni Pelizzato published on Le nouvel Observateur in March 2020 you can find out how its passionate owner managed to keep the ties with his customers and pursue his work, even when its bookshop's doors had to stay closed.

Online sales are sometimes necessary for practical reasons, but you won't possibly find passion, sincere dedicated customer care and a personal choice of products in this kind of commerce. Buying local adds inner values to the mere price of the item: personal relationships, memories, smells of a place... you find yours. Support local commerce in Venice and wherever you go!

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