Modern Venetian dishes that you can cook yourself at home

When people decide to visit Italy, and more particularly Venice, they go first and foremost for the wonderful monuments and landscapes that this Island offers. The warm and friendly atmosphere is one of the great qualities of Venice. But when one comes to Italy, it is also for its delicious food.

However, many people limit themselves to pasta with every possible sauce, pizza, lasagne.... But in Venice, many dishes are made from local products, such as fish that is freshly caught from the lagoon. When you treat yourself in one of the many nice restaurants in Venice, you can try the delicious, traditional and renowned dishes like spaghetti alla busara, risotto alla pescatora, seppie in nero or fegato alla veneziana.

But if you have the chance to spend a longer stay in Venice, rent an apartment, buy local groceries and cook experiment in your own kitchen, you can add your personal taste and create your own Venetian dish: if you need inspiration, one example is the fillet of grouper with orange and basil, which is a recipe suitable for all tastes and ages.

Many dishes are made with vegetables, one of which has a particularly important place in Venetian life as it even has its own festival: the artichoke. Again, if you search for a personal variation apart from the delicious, traditional fondi di carciofo trifolati, Artichoke escalope can be an idea. It is very appetising and even very easy to make yourself. You can also mix local fish and vegetables like in this scallops with a julienne of vegetables, a very appetizing dish.

There are many alternatives to pasta, which puts an end to the cliché that Italy only offers pasta dishes.

Consider trying these delicious dishes on your next visit to Venice or try making them yourself at home!

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