Luxury apartments in Venice

Luxury apartments in Venice, beautifully decorated and fully equipped, located in the most charming areas of the city. But how come that Luxrest Venice has managed to gather those amazing luxury apartments all over Venice? The answer is very simple: the whole management and staff at Luxrest Venice are Venetians and live in Venice.

The knowledge of the territory and of the apartments’ owners is thus very deep and based on very long relations. The owners know that if they entrust their luxury apartments for rent to Luxrest Venice, their flats will be extremely well kept and perfectly maintained. And this is a very important plus for owners giving their houses for rent and for guests renting the apartments.

Would you like a flat with a mini Jacuzzi pool? Are you dreaming to stay in a flat with decorated ceilings? How about waking up in the morning and see the Rialto Bridge right out of your window?

If you love Venice and you are looking for luxury holiday apartments in Venice, feel free to contact Luxrest Venice anytime!

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