Cannaregio Venice Apartments

Your holiday in Venice

The Cannaregio Venice apartments within the Luxrest Venice catalogue stand out for their peculiarity. Corte Zappa, for instance, is a very stylish flat which is also very conveniently located. It has a cozy size (80 square meters), a beautiful terrace and all the comforts you need.

Among the best of the Cannaregio Venice apartments you should also check the Laguna View which has a very special feature: the so-called ‘altana’ which is a terrace located on the top of the building.

The view from there is fantastic, especially at sunset where you can enjoy the Venetian lagoon in all its reddish colours. But what about a very stylish place, which combines classical elements with modern colours and furniture… thus you must see the Tiepolo Grande apartment: this is the perfect choice also if you have to spend a long time in Venice both for work or studies with your family.

You may also be interested in Ca' Magica, a modern 1-bedroom apartment close to the Ca' d'Oro, offering all comforts for a lovely stay.

If you are looking for Cannaregio Venice apartments, feel free to browse our catalogue and book on-line, or contact the Luxrest Venice Real Estate agency today


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