Rules and openings in Venice in June 2021

Starting from the 7th June 2021, the Veneto region will be a white zone in Italy (together with Liguria, Abruzzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Molise). What does this mean? It's very simple: the only rules to strictly follow concerning the covid-19 pandemic will be wearing a mask, social distancing and hand sanitation.

There will be no more curfew, everything (commerces, museums, gyms, theatres, cinemas...) will be open, restaurants will be allowed to receive customers also indoors. These sound like very good news!

Some easement to the restrictions is already in place in May, though: nowadays (and until the 7th June), the curfew has been postponed to 11pm, bars and restaurants can receive customers outdoors, cinemas and theatres are already open, there is freedom of circulation within the yellow regions.

The Architecture Biennale opened yesterday and you can watch a sneak preview on our Facebook Page!

Besides, we will update you soon about the security regulations which will be in place from the 20th June to the 11th July during the preparation of the next G20 (which will take place in Venice): don't get confused, as some medias erroneusly talked about a red zone - it has nothing to do with the red zone related to the covid-19, it concerns security measures to check access to the main landmarks. Stay tuned with us at Luxrest Venice for more details!  


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