Gift ideas for Christmas: offer a Luxrest Venice giftcard!

Christmas is coming and uncertainty reigns supreme: where will we be allowed to go? Who can we celebrate with? But one of the questions which still has no answer is: when can we travel again?

We all surely already plan where we would like to go when our freedom of movement will be safely restablished, and I'm sure that many of you already think of coming back to Venice! 

But is there a way to place one foot into a next stay without committing to precise dates or a specific apartment, and maybe offer a special Christmas gift to our dear ones? Yes indeed!

You can buy our giftcard-voucher through our gofundme: any amount you wish to place will be converted into a voucher which will be deducted from your next stay with us! Our giftcard has no time limit!

Get your giftcard now or contact us for further information!


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