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Luxrest Venice: sounds good!

vacation apartments

In Venice, the best vacation apartments are the ones of the real estate agency Luxrest Venice. Its catalogue is full of very different options and you surely will find the one that is best for your unforgettable holiday in Venice.

Are you coming with your family? Thus, you will need a large apartment, fully equipped and located in the centre of town in order not to be too far from all the monuments and the churches that you want to visit. In addition, you can have also a big garden so that your kids can play after a day of walking.

On the contrary, if you are a couple, you should go for a penthouse: this is a very romantic setting and, especially in spring and autumn, it is something that is very cozy and original. In the flat you can also have a little balcony so to have a quiet place to rest whenever you feel like.

For Venice, good vacation apartments are also the studio flats which are small but well equipped and serviced. This kind of accommodation is also very good for people who come to town for work or to study. They may also have the terrace or the balcony, looking over some beautiful campo or campiello.

Venice vacation apartments? Luxrest Venice is the answer: have a look to its catalogue and get in touch!!

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