Venice: loft apartments

The best accommodation in town

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Venice loft apartments: a very good solution if you love style and you are also looking for a comfortable place. A loft can be also very useful if you need a studio or a quiet place to work in, far away form the noise and the touristic flow.

The lofts offered by Luxrest Venice are all new and well furnished, serviced and very well located. They can also represent a new way to live the city: with your own apartment, you will be able to have very flexible timings.

In addition, you can experience ‘real’ life in Venice by going shopping in the little botteghe or in the markets. You can buy typical products and cook them by yourself into the quiet atmosphere of your place.

Have a look at Luxrest Venice catalogue and see what your perfect accommodation would be. In addition, you will see that also as far as the cost is concerned, the offer is very reasonable.

If you are in Venice and you look for loft apartments please do call Luxrest Venice today!

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