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Venice apartment rentals with Gran Canal view: this is a very astonishing offer because it will allow you to live near one of the most famous canal in the world.

The Canal Grande is, as a matter of fact, a very special thing of Venice: its beauty comes mostly by the magnificent architecture of the palaces and of the churches. The gran canal is like a big painting by Tintoretto with the only difference that the first one is real and can be in front of you at any moment.

In order to find your apartment with the gran canal view, you have to go to the Luxrest Venice website and choose the sestiere in which you want to be. The most beautiful is the sestiere San Marco but also Castello is very nice because it offers some hints of the true venetian everyday life. When you make your search, remember to specify what kind of traveller you are so to get the best out of the very various offer.

In addition to apartments with great view, Luxrest Venice has also flat to rent at the Lido or in the little but splendid island of Murano, famous for the glass works.

Venice apartment rentals with Gran Canal view but also with balconies, terraces, gardens... contact the real estate agency now!

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