A romantic Venice apartment

For the sweetest holiday

venice romantica

A romantic Venice apartment is fantastic for the honey-moon. However, it could be the best also to celebrate an anniversary or to spend some time with your other half.

As far as romantic apartments in Venice even with gardens, Luxrest Venice has a big offer and you can choose what part of Venice you prefer. It is also interesting to underline that the prices are very fair and that a holiday in Venice with Luxrest is absolutely affordable.

In order to make a proper example, we can talk about the Trioangelo flat which is located in the very quiet and lovely Campo Sant’Angelo.

The apartment is very cozy and it overlooks a private courtyard: the furniture style is modern and well-kept and the flat is very well equipped. Since it is on the first floor, it is full of light and sun. This place has a special flair and, especially in the mid-seasons, it makes everyone feel at home.

Your romantic Venice apartment is waiting for you: contact Luxrest Venice, get your keys, and start living your dream.

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