Rialto apartments in Venice

A few steps away from happiness

rialto venice

Rialto apartments in Venice are usually very expensive and sometimes they are not very welcoming. On the contrary, Luxrest Venice has a very rich catalogue and it is full of very interesting options right next to the famous bridge.

Luxrest Venice has welcoming and furnished apartments, all with a kitchen or a kitchenette, new bathrooms and very cozy bedrooms. Television, wifi and washing machine are also available and the flats also have the ironing kit.

If you take an apartment near Rialto you will be also able to make your shopping in the famous Rialto Market where all the fresh fish of the lagoon arrives every day. In addition, next to the fish market there is also a local vegetable market where all the local specialities such as the Fagiolini Meraviglia or the Castraure, artichokes bottom parts, are usually sold.

The Rialto apartment in Venice offered by Luxrest Venice are not very expensive and you can surely find the flat for you: contact the real estate agency today and organize yourself for your next holiday in Venice!

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