Rent a flat in Venice

This is a good idea!

venice rental

Rent a flat in Venice and enjoy a fantastic experience! Being in an apartment has many advantages: first of all, you will live your holiday without scheduled timings and you will be able to organise your days as you like.

What is also very original it is that you can live as the people of Venice which means going to the little shops, markets, botteghe or local bakeries. In addition, you can indulge into the bacari which are a sort of typical bars that can also offer you a sort of lunch or dinner made with the so called cicchetti (little sandwiches with fish or salads).

In the apartments in Venice for rental you will also feel free of taking with you your dog or your pet and having a walk whenever you feel like. Being in a flat is usually less expensive than being in an hotel and it is definitively more personal.

Do not miss the opportunity of making your holiday a very special one: rent a flat in Venice with Luxrest Venice and chose your preferred option. Call today!

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