Long-term rentals in Venice

If you rent Venice apartments with Luxrest Venice, you decide the length of your vacation. Our agency is able to offer you vacation homes for short, medium, and long terms. Our conditions for the long-term rentals in Venice are extremely advantageous; discover them now.
venice long-term rentals

The best way for spending time is on vacation. Why be content with just a few days? Discover the pleasure of immersing yourself in the atmosphere and in the daily life of a city rich in history, art and culture thanks to the long-term rentals in Venice.

Staying with the formula of the vacation rentals venice allows you to look at the city with new eyes. Far from the frantic pace and from schedules imposed by the hotel, you can experience the city as a true Venetian and explore its slow rhythms, get to know its less famous but equally fascinating corners and join its customs, such as the aperitif at sunset.

Venice long-term rentals also allow you to experience a true seaside resort. In our apartments at the Lido, on the Venice beach, you may spend a seaside vacation with one of the most beautiful art cities at your back.

For more information on the formula for long-term rentals in Venice contact us now or discover now our offerings in the online catalog.
long-term rentals Venice