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Venice Lido rentals

A house rental Venice allows you to explore the city from a different perspective. Not everyone knows that Venice also has a beach of great charm, the origin, at the beginning of the last century, of one of the first bathing establishments dedicated to the finest European aristocracy. Here it is possible to experience a double vacation using Venice Lido rentals.

Those who choose Venice Lido rentals can experience a classic beach resort vacation, between the sun and the sea. In addition, just behind you, within easy reach, is one of the most beautiful art cities in the world. Venice vacation rentals is ideal for blending sunbathing and the culture. E’ possibile, inoltre, scegliere una casa in Venice Lido rentals anche durante il periodo della Mostra del Cinema per potersi gustare in tutta calma le proiezioni dei film e la passerella delle star. It is possible, furthermore, to choose a house in Venice Lido rentals also during the period of the Cinema exhibition to be able to enjoy in peace the exhibition of the films and the red carpet appearances of the stars. For more information about Venice Lido rentals contact us now or discover now our offerings in the online catalog.

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