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Some tips and information to live Venice as insiders

Venice Harry’s Bar: a beautiful story

Cipriani harrys bar

Harry's Bar is one of the most famous places in Venice. Ernest Hemingway, Arturo Toscanini, Somerset Maugham and many other famous writers and actors have been there. The place is absolutely astonishing but its story is even more charming. We can say that it begins well before May 13, 1931, when Giuseppe Cipriani inaugurated his successful business in Calle Vallaresso 1323…

Curiosities about Piazzetta San Marco

Piazza San Marco

Piazzetta San Marco is the part of the famous square that is located at the entrance of the Marciana area towards the pier and the San Marco basin. This part of the square has always welcomed the visitors of the city that came from the sea and therefore has always been considered a very special place, starting from its two enigmatic columns...

Venice and its islands: Mazzorbo

Venice islands

Venice and its islands: a wonderful itinerary full of charm that can not be missed during a vacation in this beautiful city. Murano, Torcello, Vignole… but if you are looking for something amazing and not very well known, you should go to Burano and than to Mazzorbo.

The best venetian pasta: bigoli in salsa

Bigoli in salsa

If you like to try the best venetian pasta you must go for the bigoli in salsa! The bigoli are a special shape of pasta very similar to the Italian spaghetti and the sauce is a fish-based recipe with a special touch… find the ‘how to make it’ in this article and get your venetian insider tip so to surprise all your guest!

The mysteries palace: Ca’ Dario in Venice

Ca' Dario Venice

Ca’ Dario is a beautiful XV century palace located right along the Canal Grande. Its architecture is astonishing as well as its finishing in Renaissance style. The legend, however, says that everyone who becomes the owner of this place is fated to go bankrupted or to die for a violent death... do you know that this is actually the truth? Read here all the story and decide if you want to buy this mysterious place or not!!

Do not miss the yellow plum from Lio Piccolo, Venice

Venice plum

The yellow plum of Lio Piccolo is a real specialty that can only be found in Venice between the end of June and the beginning of August. Small, tasty and soft, it is grown on the small island and sold only in the greengrocers of the city because this fruit is so delicate that it does not support long transport. A real rarity, therefore, dedicated to true venetian admirers ...

Venice: the town of coffee

Venice coffee

Venice and coffee: do you know that coffe was made well-known throughout Europe by the beautiful city of the Serenissima? Our story begins with Gianfrancesco Morosini, the Venetian ambassador in Constantinople during the sixteenth century, who first described coffee as a black water drunk by the Turks and produced by a seed called kahve: it was supposed to have miraculous properties, including that of preventing people from falling asleep...

In Venice with your kids: some insider tips!

Venice with kids

Venice with your kids: we must say that this is a marvelous city but, in order not to bore our little fellow travelers, we can not exaggerate with visits to churches and museums. Thus, every now and then, we believe it is important to make something dedicated to their pure fun and so we have prepared this small list of ideas where to find the ideal solution to make everyone happy and make the all family enjoy the holiday in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Burano: the Venice island of the art of lace

The art of lace Burano

Burano, one of the Venice islands, was a fishermen place and it seems that the art of lace has flourished right there as a female counterpart to the realization of fishing nets. The history of Burano lace is fascinating because, from a very poor activity, it has been transformed into an element of excellence able to embellish the cloaks and clothes of emperors and queens ...

Venetian Carnival: the Festa delle Marie

Venice carnival

The Festa delle Marie is one of the core events of the venetian Carnival: it is the revival of the famous kidnapping and rescue of twelve brides which took place in Venice at the time of the Doge Candiano III. It was 943 and the story is one of the most involving of the venetian long history. Stay with us and keep on reading!!


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