agenzia immobiliare a venezia

Luglio 2016

Some tips and information to live Venice as insiders

Prestigious fabrics of Venice: the amazing story of an excellence

Prestigious fabrics Venice

The prestigious fabrics of Venice are famous all over the world. As a matter of fact, they represent one of the best expression of Italian manufacture both as technique and design. Would you like to know something more about those famous fabric textiles? Thus, let’s start from the beginning and let’s go back to the XI century…

The best venetian festival: Redentore celebrations 2016!

The fireworks during the Redentore celebrations

On the island of Giudecca in Venice, there is a church called the Redentore.

Gondola & Venice: little ‘secrets’ on the venetian gondola

The gondola of Venice

The gondola is a symbol of Venice. What it would be the amazing look at the old palaces reflecting on the Canal Grande or the enchantment of the canals at sunset without the gondolas? However, do you know how the gondole of Venezia are built, their history and their peculiarities? If not, keep on reading…

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