Holiday apartments in Venice city centre

In the heart of an amazing town

city of venice

Holiday apartments in Venice city centre must have the best quality in order to guarantee the best comfort. In addition, they must be splendidly located and they must be close to the most beautiful churches, museums and important sights of Venice.

If you get an apartment for your holiday, even for short term rental, you will get the best of the town because you will be allow to live as a Venetian person: you will be able to have your breakfast in the little cafes or in the pasticcerie that are famous for their coffee and the famous cornetti. Then, you can go to the markets or the shops and bring your food home for cooking it. Even when you are tired, you can just go home and relax by following your own timings.

In the city centre of Venice you will also be part of the city as far as local events and little local feasts are concerned which is something that is not very common if you are a tourist in this special town.

For your holiday apartments in Venice and also in the city centre, call Luxrest Venice today and book you flat in advance!

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