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Sant'Erasmo Artichoke Festival

Sant’Erasmo,  a little island of the Venice lagoon (3,26 km2!), situated at the north site of Venice. Because of its very fertile soil, the island has always been referred to as the Orto di Venezia (Venice vegetable-garden) and even now, when walking along its beautiful sites, it is possible to appreciate its agricultural vocation.

The island is famous for the violet artichokes of Sant’Erasmo, a special variety of artichokes which is characterised by its purple colour. The carciofo violetto is very tender, tasty and it has a very delicious light-bitter aftertaste. In addition, the first apical buds, the so-called ‘castraure’ are absolutely delicious. Unforgettable if raw (with a little garlic, olive oil, parsley and pepper), it can be cooked in several ways and presented in different and succulent local recipes, even with fish and mussels. It seems that the purple artichoke of Sant’Erasmo had been introduced into the Venezia cuisine by the Jewish community which was used to fertilise the soil with shells, crab shells and rubbish in order to correct the acidity of the soil, due to the proximity to the sea.

The right season to taste the violet artichoke at his best is the end of April and May and the right way to taste it is by taking part to the Sant’Erasmo Purple-Artichoke Festival, an enogastronomical kermesse dedicated to the local artichoke at the beginning of May (this year it has been on 8th May) made even more lively by live music and events. If you drop in for this typical Venice festival, do not forget to rent a bike and take a tour to the S.Erasmo island: very beautiful are the Torre Massimiliana and the Chiesa del Cristo Re… and the landscape with Venice and the lagoon, of course! You can reach Sant’Erasmo from Venice with the vaporetto service of ACTV, linea 13. And, if you are looking for the most comfortable place to stay, choose your flat to rent in Venice by visiting!


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