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For the sale of property in Venice Luxrest Venice is distinguished for its excellent customer service. The agency provides courteous and competent supports at the very important time of choosing the perfect apartment in Venice. It also offers long-term rentals for those who wish to stay for a few months in Venice.

The dream of living in Venice becomes a reality. Every morning you wake up in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, wander its streets, and immerse yourself in its typical atmosphere. With a Luxrest Venice apartment, all this is possible.

Purchasing an apartment in Venice is also an excellent investment opportunity. If you purchase an apartment in Venice and do not use it often, you may decide to rent it out. Venice is one of the world’s most popular tourism cities and many people come here to study and work for a few months. Luxrest Venice is a certified real estate agency that can help you to purchase the apartment and register it as residential unit for tourist use.
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