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I’m selling an apartment in Venice

« I’m selling an apartment in Venice and I would like no fuss».

Most of our clients tell us this. Real estate market in Venice is quite peculiar: most of the sellers don’t live in the town or have no time to show the property or to follow the deal. Luxrest Venice follows up the whole procedure, easing the client from any stress.

« I sell an apartment in Venice and I would like to rely on professionals ».
Luxrest Venice is a real estate agency specialising in the real estate market in central Venice, we know the local market and we’re experienced in the real estate in central Venice and the Lido.

« I’m selling an apartment in Venice: is it the right time? »
If you’re worried that it’s not a good moment to sell, remember that Venice doesn’t always follow the general real estate market flux, it’s a unique tourist town, with an important University and it has its own market flow.

Feel free to contact us for any queries, doubt or request of information about the real estate market in Venice. If you wish to sell at best your apartment in Venice please contact us, we’ll be happy to assist you!

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