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Here find some tips to enjoy your stay in Venice!

How to live Venice

Would you like some insider tips to experience Venice without worries? The city, as a matter of fact, is very friendly. However, there are some things to know in order not to get into ‘not very welcoming’ situations. How to live Venice? Here you are!

The first tips we would like to give you are about restaurants. How many times, while walking through calli and campielli, have you seen waiters showing multi-language menu while inviting people to taste the true venetian cuisine at a very low cost? Our advice in this situation is to avoid these kind of places since they are made only for tourists and they cannot give you a true venetian experience. Look at the menu: are wiener schnitzels a venetian dish? Is tiramisu a local speciality? In addition, Venice is an expensive city because of its location and its urban organisation. Thus, it is impossible to eat good food and to spend 10 or 15 euros. In this situation, what is worth doing is to walk out of the touristic venues and to find some little places in which only the locals are. Look at the menu now… if you don’t understand it, you are in the right place! Let yourself go and experience!! (see our insider idea for a true venetian accommodation!)

Second tip: stay away from fake taxis. Do you know how to recognise them? Just ask for the fee before taking the taxi: if the fee, for a traditional route, is more than 100 euros you can be sure that it is fake. In addition, you must check the licence: it must be on display on the side window of the boat! (stay near the Canal Grande: see our offer!)

And what about the traditional venetian masks? Here, again, our tips regards the cost since the real masks, made by venetian artisans, cannot cost under 50 euros. You may think that it is a lot, but the masks-making is an art and the artisans uses very high quality materials to do them (contrary to low-cost masks that are mainly made in Asia or China and whose materials can be armful for the face and the skin). However, there is another piece of advice: if somebody, dress like Arlecchino or a beautiful princess, asks you to take a picture with him or her, be careful that he or she cannot ask for money: this activity is illegal and it is a very horrible way to get money from tourists.

We do hope not to have alarmed you with our tips on Venice: the city is very welcoming and the atmosphere is fantastic. It is also a very secure city since even a lady can walk safely alone during the night. But, as we know, every place needs some good… tips

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