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June 2016

Some tips and information to live Venice as insiders

In a venetian mood: The glass of the architects. Vienna 1900-1937

Museum of glass venice

To enjoy your venetian holiday, what about a glass exhibition? In this respect, we have the right advice for you! From 18th April to 31st July 2016 at the Venice glass museum Le Stanze del Vetro in San Giorgio Island, glass art works by the main protagonists of the Vienna Modernism are featuring.

Special events in Venice, Italy: get to know what street fair is all about!

Festival of San Francesco in Vigna

June is a very special month in Venice since there are a lot of local festivals which still keep the true spirit of the city. During these events, the atmosphere gets amazing and the lively and friendly mood of the venetian people can be appreciated at its best. Thus, we can talk about good food, live music, games and entertainment… but what about an unforgettable experience, a real touch of venetian insider life?

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