Buying a house in Venice

If you wish to buy a house in Venice with no fuss rely on Luxrest Venice.

buy house in venice

The real estate agency is specialising in buying and selling properties in the centre and the Lido.

Luxrest Venice helps you making your dream of buying a house in Venice come true. You can finally have a wonderful house for your holiday where to spend a lovely time and follow the main events of this unique city on water: the Carnival, the Regata Storica, the Film Festival and the Biennale.

Should you look for a house with a terrace, a garden, a typical terrazzo floor or a lovely canal view we can find the right solution for you.

Buying a house in Venice can also be an interesting property investment in one of the world’s most beautiful towns, where tourist flux never lowers and which is also home to a major university. With Luxrest Venice you can buy a house in Venice and rent it to receive an income from your investment.

We’re at your disposal to help you find the house in Venice which fits your needs. Feel free to contact us or check our on-line catalogue with our offers.

buying a house in Venice