Happy 1600th birthday Venice!

On 25th March 2021, Venice celebrates its 1600th birthday!

According to the tradition, the first Venetian settlement originated in 421 by San Giacometto church, the first church to be built in the Rialto area (Rivus altus):

«...la chiexia di San Giacomo di Rialto, la qual fu la prima chiexia edificata in Venetia dil 421 a dì 25 Marzo, come in le nostre croniche si leze.» (Marin Sanudo, diarii, 1514).

 A special flag raising took place on in Saint-Mark's square in the morning, and at 4pm all the church bells in Venice rang together - we were there in this occasion and you can watch our live video here on our Facebook watch page!

The celebrations will keep on during the whole year through exhibitions, workshops and events and it's possible for anybody to submit a project or an idea to give a personal contribution through this form: https://1600.venezia.it/moduli/home/1

A commission will evaluate the project and, if approved, it will be integrated in the celebration's planning which will go on until the 25th March 2022. Venice lovers, what are you waiting for?

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