Special events in Venice, Italy: get to know what street fair is all about!

June is a very special month in Venice since there are a lot of local festivals which still keep the true spirit of the city. During these events, the atmosphere gets amazing and the lively and friendly mood of the venetian people can be appreciated at its best. Thus, we can talk about good food, live music, games and entertainment… but what about an unforgettable experience, a real touch of venetian insider life? To help our beloved followers in making the right choice, we have made a selection of two special events that will be held in Venice in June and at the beginning of July: the Festa di Sant’Antonio a San Francesco della Vigna and the Sagra di San Pietro di Castello. Have a look and… get involved!

Recommended Venice festival 1: Festa di Sant’Antonio a San Francesco della Vigna

This tipical venetian festival takes place from 13th to 18th of June. During these days, you can enjoy live music by local groups (from typical venetian songs to salsa venexiana!), you can watch football matches directly from a maxi screen and take part to dancing competitions. On Monday 13th at 19.30, do not miss the Processione Solenne when the statue of Sant’Antonio is taken out of the church and around Campo San Francesco. During the Festa di Sant’Antonio it si possible to taste some typical venetian food like the ‘bigoi in salsa’, ‘pasta con i peoci’, ‘bovoleti’, ‘baccalà’ (this is all fish food but you can get also lasagne or other street food) and a selection of venetian sweets.

You can reach the Venice festival of Sant’Antonio by coming to Campo San Francesco della Vigna with the ACTV line 4.1 and 4.2 (Celestia). However, you can come also on foot: the Campo is 15 minute walk from San Marco. Campo San Francesco della Vigna is in the Sestriere Castello.

Recommended Venice festival 2: Sagra di San Pietro di Castello

Among the venetian events, the Sagra di San Pietro di Castello (called by the locals Festa de San Piero de Casteo) in the Sestriere Castello is one of the most popular and lively. This year, the programme is really full of amazing events like the concert with Lisa Hunt & The Groovy Men and the one with the Big Vocal Orchestra, a venetian choir composed by 200 singers that has become famous for its abilities and its big repertoire that goes from pop to gospel and rhythm and blues. As usual, during the afternoon there will be fun and entertainment for kids (there will be also some jugglers!) as well as games and competitions for the adults. During the Venice festival of San Pietro it is also possible to taste some typical venitian food like ‘frittura de pesse’ (fried fish), ‘pasta e fasioi’ (beans and noodle), ‘costesine e salsicce’ and other, tasteful and original recipes. Do not miss this typical Venice street fair: be with us from 29th June to 3rd July!


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