zia luciana's orange marmalade

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A few days 'till Christmas... to stay in the mood, I prepared this orange and mandarine marmalade, according to my aunt Luciana's recipe. I don't make preserves, I'm too afraid of botulinum &Co., so I just prepare one or two jars at a time, and consume them immediately. As usual, very easy to make, I personnally like it on bread and butter, but also as a special topping for panna cotta!

For 2 jars
2 oranges and 2 clementines (I go for organic ones) caps (about 250g grams)
about the same weight of brown sugar (as they're not preserves, I use a little less, like 200g for 250g peels)
juice of 1 lemon
water (about 200cc)

I usually prepare this marmalade to use orange peels from the fruits I eat, so I store the caps in the fridge, in a bowl with a little water, in order to keep them soft until I make the jam. Chop the peels into little squares (about 1/2cm side), then pour them into a high-sided pot with a thick bottom, together with sugar, lemon juice, water (about 1 cup, it should cover the peels mixture), then sparkle with grated cinnamon and add a handful of cloves (about 10). Stir with a spoon and start cooking, low fire, with a lid, for about 1 and 1/2 hours, stirring from time to time. Then roughly mix the mixture with a hand-mixer, in order to keep some whole pieces. Cook for some more minutes, stir well, then pour into the jars and let it cool. You can then put the top and keep it in the fridge. Enjoy!


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