Apartment with garden in Venice

A luxury stay in Venice

garden venice

An apartment with garden in Venice… do you think that this is impossible? Thus, have a look at the Luxrest Venice website or give a call to the agency: if you love to eat or to rest on the grass, the agency will have surely the right solution.

Venice, however, is a very green city and it is full of beautiful gardens. Actually, this is very difficult to realize if you walk through calli and campielli because all the green areas are hidden behind walls and corners. However, if you go up to bell-towers or elevated places you will easily discover this interesting ‘secret’ of this beautiful town.

Luxrest Venice has many apartments with the garden in the centre of Venice and it is sure that you can find the flat in Venice of your dreams.

One of the best apartment, however, is the Ponte dei Greci one: this apartment is located in the Castello area and it is close to San Marco, the Arsenale and to the Biennale Gardens. This is a place full of charme and if you want to rent a flat in Venice this is something very special. In addition to the beauty and the comfort, the Ponte dei Greci apartment has the dishwasher, the washing machine, the dvd player and a beautiful chicken. The garden is lovely and it also have chairs and a nice table which is fantastic for breakfasts ‘al fresco’ or amazing candle dinners

If you are looking for an apartment with the garden in Venice, please contact Luxrest Venice… today!

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